Why conduct regular deep cleaning of your properties?

According to the Health Canada website, people can be allergic to substances found in the indoor environment, especially if the room is dusty, warm and humid. If left unclean for some time, even individuals who have no asthma may soon develop allergic asthma. Aside from dust, common allergens also include dust mites and mold.

Some of these allergens are present in carpets, furniture, curtains, door handles, faucets, drawer handles, tables, chairs and even windows!

With COVID-19 just around the corner, office spaces are prone to widespread infection due to several common touch points. Since workers are frequently exposed to these spots, they must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

This is what iSuccess Building Services specifically targets in every Canadian’s working and commercial space. We dedicate ourselves to being the best cleaning company for your cleaning needs.

Serving you across Alberta and Saskatchewan with experience built through time and success achieved through hard work.


Who We Are


Regina & District | Chamber of Commerce

Finally, we are here in Alberta’s capital city, Edmonton! “Where service meets standards. Even better.” Like the city itself, we champion cleaning services so you can focus more on growing your business and the welfare of your employees and customers.  

We are iSuccess Building Services Inc., a Canadian-owned cleaning services company serving Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We take pride in our years of experience, dedicating our expertise to be the Canadian community’s best cleaning service. iSuccess Building Services Inc. has been operating since 2014, originated from Regina, Saskatchewan and specializes in commercial and residential cleaning. Over 400,000 square feet of commercial cleaning done daily. The worth of our clients’ money is never wasted as we always ensure premium outputs.  The safety of your premises is our priority.

We have reliable teams professionally trained to clean and sanitize commercial spaces across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We are bonded and covered with $5 Million Liability insurance. So your properties are safe with us. We only use Health Canada-approved disinfectants with a Drug Identification Number (DIN). We can assure you that we clean thoroughly without harming the environment and our fellow Canadians.


Message from the Founder

Guided by its corporate values of reliability and excellence, iSuccess Building Services Inc. exists for and by the customers it aims to serve. We are committed to providing and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction through valuable and quality service. Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics can guide us no matter where we are or what we do. It's how we do business.  



Services We Offer

  • Window Cleaning

    Give us a call! Let us turn that view in your window into a panoramic beauty.

  • Strip and Wax Floor

    Did you know that there are safer ways to clean your floors without damaging their pristine looks? Allow us to thoroughly clean your floors while preserving their pristine beauty.

  • Carpet Shampoo

    There is nothing more satisfying than the gunk on your carpet professionally removed.

Why Choose Us

  “Where service meets standards. Even better” our mantra in every job order we get. We take pride in our professionally trained and reliable teams of workers who are experienced in dealing with every bit of gunk, grime and sludge. iSuccess offers you only the best and most affordable cleaning service you can rely on. We cater to your cleaning needs, from the lobby to your rooms, wherever you are in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Mission: ZERO Work Safe Saskatchewan Certificate of Achievement 2020│Completed WHMIS 2015 for Workers - Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

    We are confident that our prices for cleaning services and cleaning quality will be acceptable for you.


    We work exclusively with professionals. Our employees are always competent, polite and neat.


    Our staff will make every effort to satisfy your highest requirements and wishes in the shortest possible time.


    The company has established a history of delivering exemplary cleaning services and products with Drug Identification Number (DIN) from Health Canada, ensuring that the product is approved and safe for use in Canada.


    We will then proceed cleaning at a time that suits you with the maximum benefit and efficiency.


    The most important thing for us is the confidence of our clients. We are actively working on your feedback.

  • Cleaning & sanitizing restroom facilities
  • Cleaning sink & chrome fixtures
  • Cleaning tables & chairs
  • Dusting office equipment
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Replenish supplies
  • Vacuuming
  • Walls (spot wipe)
  • Emptying, cleaning & sanitizing interior/exterior waste receptacles
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Strip and Wax Floor
  • Dusting High Surfaces


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